So, one of my guilty pleasures is scrolling through the comments on controversial posts. I never actually reply, but part of me wants to see whether or not complete strangers agree with me on things.

As I was doing this one day, I came across a post, I don’t even remember what about, that had the commentators in a real tizzy. A majority of the people responding to the post were calling for public hangings… you know,  mob mentality. Anyway, in the midst of this mob was a comment that stood out. The person wrote, and I’m paraphrasing, “As Christians we are called to forgive.” Almost immediately, this comment was attacked with responses such as, “this scum doesn’t deserve forgiveness” and “this is why no one takes Christians seriously… they’d rather just let everyone go with no consequences”

Wait, what? No consequences? I didn’t read that anywhere in this person’s comment about forgiveness and it got me thinking. Forgiveness does not mean free from consequence. For example, just today I had two students get written up. They chose to come in to my class and chase each other around rather than sit down and get to work. They both wrote me apology letters. I accepted and told them I forgive you. However, the write-ups were still sent to the office, they will still be punished for their actions. I don’t understand why this is so confusing.


Like a Good Neighbor…

First, I would like to apologize for falling off the blogging wagon. It started because I couldn’t think of the right topic and then I kept putting it off; got busy with school and grading and planning and just let it go. But now, I’m back.

The reason it took me so long to come up with a topic to write about is because I don’t want this to turn into a diary or a place where I come to write without purpose. I have a journal by my bed and that’s precisely what it’s for. This is more than that; this should have meaning. So, what’s the topic that I’ve waiting so long to write about? Being a good neighbor…

It was our sermon series at church for the last few weeks and it really stuck with me. Our pastor started the series with asking who is our neighbor? He went on to explain that it’s not always the people who are like us or that we spend time with, but also the people who are nothing like use that we prefer to avoid. Great… I thought… Patriots fans. Then, the pastor spent the following weeks after this explaining what it means to be a good neighbor to someone. He explained it more clearly than I’ve heard before, but then again, maybe I’m just listening more nowadays. Either way, he explained that in order to be a good neighbor, when you see someone hurting or in need, think to yourself, “If I was this person, how would I feel loved?” and then whatever the answer is, do it.

I think this is a serious idea that needs to be discussed as I watch people destroy cities and attack people who are different from them. If we loved our neighbors as we loved ourselves, would we cheat? Would we lie? Would we intentionally hurt people? No. Because if you wouldn’t want to be treated that way, then why would you do it to someone else?




Back to School…

Hey, guys! Sorry this is a couple of days late, but it has been hectic since school started again. The first day back was fantastic! I even got to use the cell phone jail that Brian got me for Christmas, haha. On a more serious note, I am beyond blessed that a majority of my students came back this semester happy and healthy and ready to get to work. 

My 8th graders are currently working on argumentative texts arena how to appropriately write arguments… so I’m anticipating a few calls/emails from parents asking why their kiddos are suddenly arguing so well. This is the most excited I’ve seen them about a topic in a while, probably because they love continuously asking “but why?”

On two notes unrelated to my job, the yoga revolution challenge is still going well and I have participated in every practice even since going back to school, and our church just began a new sermon series that seems like it’s going to be extremely interesting and practical. God is so good! 

Have a wonderful evening, everyone! 

Yesterday’s Yoga

Like the title? I’m a big fan of  alliteration. Anyway, welcome to my second blog post! As you know, one of my resolutions this year was to complete the 31 day yoga revolution, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

So, yesterday was day two of the challenge and I’m actually really enjoying it. I love that time to myself when I can just breathe and let go of all the stresses of the day. Which is exactly what I was hoping for when I started this journey. Yesterday’s practice was “intention”; understanding why you’re doing something, not just doing it. In yoga, that meant being aware of what moves you were making. However, I like this lesson outside of yoga, too.

To me, we can get so caught up in doing things every day that we forget why we do them in the first place. I didn’t realize it was a problem until I began teaching middle school. Far too often I’ll find my students doing something silly, like throwing things across the classroom at other students, but when I ask them why they’re doing it the answer is always the same; shrugs, “I dunno”. Do you know how hard it is to teach these young ones to think about their intentions? Now, I’m not perfect, and I fully believe that these students are the karmic universe’s way of reminding me of how I acted in middle school, but it’s my job to teach my students something before they leave me.

Think about your intentions everyday. Have a purpose behind the things you do.


First Blog Post

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”                                                 -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to my blog! This new writing endeavor is part of my goals for 2017, of which I only have three.

My first resolution is to continue growing in my relationship with God. I have found a home in our church since we’ve moved to Arizona and I am working hard everyday to become a better Christian and that is something I’d like to put first and foremost in the new year.

My second resolution is to complete the 31 day Yoga Revolution. After watching yoga transform some friends I became curious.  As a middle school teacher I find myself stressed beyond belief most weeks and a fellow teacher suggested yoga; setting specific time apart from your day to enjoy life and be thankful. Hopefully, I find it as helpful as my friends and will continue well past the 31 day challenge. If you’re interested in participating in the challenge just click here.

My final resolution is to blog regularly. I have always had a passion for writing because it relaxes me, but have never done it publicly. I’m excited to start this journey and fill people in on the, sometimes mundane, happenings of my life. I am committing to write at least twice a week and topics will range from my classroom to my life as a dog mom to the outdoor adventures we go on in.

Have a wonderful evening, folks!