So, one of my guilty pleasures is scrolling through the comments on controversial posts. I never actually reply, but part of me wants to see whether or not complete strangers agree with me on things.

As I was doing this one day, I came across a post, I don’t even remember what about, that had the commentators in a real tizzy. A majority of the people responding to the post were calling for public hangings… you know,  mob mentality. Anyway, in the midst of this mob was a comment that stood out. The person wrote, and I’m paraphrasing, “As Christians we are called to forgive.” Almost immediately, this comment was attacked with responses such as, “this scum doesn’t deserve forgiveness” and “this is why no one takes Christians seriously… they’d rather just let everyone go with no consequences”

Wait, what? No consequences? I didn’t read that anywhere in this person’s comment about forgiveness and it got me thinking. Forgiveness does not mean free from consequence. For example, just today I had two students get written up. They chose to come in to my class and chase each other around rather than sit down and get to work. They both wrote me apology letters. I accepted and told them I forgive you. However, the write-ups were still sent to the office, they will still be punished for their actions. I don’t understand why this is so confusing.


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