I’ve been very lazy lately, in more than one aspect of my life. We stopped going to church for about a month for reasons we convinced ourselves were legitimate. What it ultimately comes down to is I let myself be lazy. It’s such an easy trap to fall into.

Over the weekend I took a trip to Phoenix with Jenn to see Chris Tomlin and others. I was so excited for this chance to renew my faith and I got exactly what I needed. Being in an arena full of fellow followers of Christ was such an overwhelming experience. I could feel His presence. One of the things Jenn and I talked about on the ride back from Phoenix was the fact that we are good enough for God and that He meets us where we are.

That Sunday, I went back to church for the first time in, like I said, a month. Our church has been doing a sermon series of the distorted views of God that we have and this week specifically was how we tend to see God as a talent show judge; someone who sits of in the distance, silently judging us all and keeping track of our points. One of the questions that stuck with me from this week is, “Why do you do the things you do? Do you do them because you’re trying to score ‘spiritual brownie points’ with God? Because that’s not how this works”.

We don’t worship because we want things from God, we worship because we’ve already been given the greatest gift from God and we are so thankful that we want to worship and praise Him.