It has been a wonderful beginning to summer break! So far I have soaked up as much sun as possible, rearranged the living room, and have thought about blogging multiple times. I just never wanted to stop to write. Today, however, being the lazy Sunday that it is seems like the perfect day to blog about my goals for the summer break. 

On Tuesday I am attending my friend Cassie’s first workout class and then spending the rest of the day starting the long process of reorganizing my new classroom. I looke forward to the weekly workouts and to preparing for the upcoming school year. I have been on a major Pinterest spree looking for cute and functional ideas to help me as I enter my second year. 

In addition to teaching 7th and 8th grade LA this year, I plan on being a co-instructor for a school drama club. It’s a pretty intimidating task, but I believe my froend and I will succeed. Our goal ia to do a production of Seussical Jr. by the end of the year. Well wishes on this journey are appreciated. 

I’ve also started a pretty difficult puzzle. That, when finished, I plan on framing for the downstairs bathroom. I have no reasoning other than its a dragonfly and the bathroom already houses a dragonfly painting I did at a craft night. It’s only in tne bathroom because it didn’t match anywhere else in the apartment. So no my guest bathroom theme is dragonflies. Okay.

That pretty much catches us up. Hopefully I will be free to write more now that I have a bit more time to breathe. 

Ta for now! 


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