Hello, followers!

Welcome to 2018, and holy guacamole I can’t beleive it’s already a new year. Last year had so many ups and downs for us, but with God and each other we survived it all.

Focusing on this new year my resolution is simple and can be summarized in two words: be healthy. First, focusing on being spiritually healthy and strengthening my relationship with God, and therefore my relationships with others. Brian bought me a beautiful devotional journal that I plan on using to help with this resolution. Next, focusing on being mentally healthy, not giving myself unnecessary stress about things that are out of my hands and talking to someone when I find myself slipping into negative emotions. Finally, being physically healthy. This has been a goal for years now and I consistently find myself giving up and saying, “oh well it’s just not for me.” Brian and I are doing this resolution together and are each other’s accountability partners.

I hope that if you have resolutions you stick to them. Be healthy.