My first official photo shoot

Happy Friday, readers! Some of you know that I have always been interested in pursuing photography, but I’ve never really had the resources to follow through with it. Well, for our wedding, Brian’s aunts got together and bought us a Nikon DSLR off of our registry and we’ve excitedly embarked on a journey of exploring photography. Brian is interested in macrophotography and nature shots, while I’ve always been interested in portraits. After doing a few shots to get my feet wet, like our Christmas cards and birthday pictures for my best friend’s daughter, Brian saw how much I really enjoyed this type of photography.

After what I’m sure was much research, because that’s the kind of guy Brian is, he bought me some amazing Christmas presents in the form of backdrops and lighting sets for better quality photos. So today, we had our first official shoot for our niece Aviana, who is turning one year old this weekend! We had so much fun with the cake smash and the balloons and only a few meltdowns that were silenced with candy and Baby Shark. I won’t be posting the official photos here, because I want Jennifer to have the honors, but I would like to share some behind the scenes action that Jennifer captured. Enjoy!

Getting the “studio” all set up. Some day we won’t be in a tiny apartment, but we make do with what we’ve got here.

I’m so blessed to have a supportive husband. Thankful that he helps me get the settings just right before the birthday girl stepped up. Time management is important with littles!

Ruger was pretty sure the photoshoot was for him. I can understand why, since, you know, we always take pictures of him.

Ruger was also very disappointed that that delicious looking cake wasn’t for him. I am very proud of him though for being such a good dog throughout the whole ordeal. Mama’s boy!

Here’s the three backdrops we used throughout the hour and a half long shoot. Numerous outfit changes as well, Aviana was such a beautiful model!


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